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2016-10-13: Workshop der GTFCh, Freiburg, Universität

2016-09-07: LAB-SUPPLY 2016 Kurpfalz, Ludwigshafen, Friedrich-Ebert-Halle

2016-08-31: 95. Jahrestagung der deutschen Gesellschaft für Rechtsmedizin, Heidelberg, Neue Universität

2016-05-10: ANALYTICA 2016 in München, Halle B1 Stand 126

2015-12-10: Freischaltung der neu gestalteten Homepage

2015-11-30: UCT introduces Abalonase™ and Abalonase™+ Purified Beta Glucuronidase Formulas!
UCT is excited to expand upon its enzyme hydrolysis line with the introduction of Abalonase™ and Abalonase™+, purified Beta-glucuronidase formulas. Within minutes of application, ultra-pure Abalonase™ can deconjugate the major metabolites of interest including benzodiazepines, opioids, cannabinoids (naturally occurring and synthetic) and steroids. For the deconjugation of both glucuronidated and sulfated metabolites, Abalonase™+ is enriched with 4 arylsulfatses, ensuring complete hydrolysis in both human and animal based urine samples. Rapid Hydrolysis Buffer is included with every order of Abalonase™ and Abalonase™+ to maximize the performance of the enzyme and to significantly reduce sample preparation times. Purified Beta-glucuronidase formula is available in 10, 25, 50, and 100 mL volumes. Mehr auf der UCT-Seite unter Weitere Produkte